Eat at Tokyo 23

Eat at  Tokyo 23

The Biggest and Largest Selection Buffet Restaurant in Town
Dining Out? Have it your way at Tokyo 23 Hibachi Buffet

With over 300 items on the buffet daily, you could eat at Tokyo 23 Hibachi Buffet at 17 Signal Hills Center, West Saint Paul, MN 55118every day and not eat the same thing twice. Not only it is the biggest buffet restaurant around, it is also the largest selection. For more then 20 years, Tokyo 23 Hibachi Buffet has been serving the freshest Tokyo style sushi, authentic Chinese, Spanish, and American Asian cuisine and its famous made to order Hibachi

Tokyo 23 Hibachi Buffet is so popular with everyone from business professionals looking for a quick lunch to families coming for an evening meal to couples enjoying a delicious date night. If you are a sushi fan, Tokyo 23 full sushi bar will be your paradise. They offers a great selection of freshly prepared sushi and specialty rolls, cooked, raw, and deep fried. They serve the best sushi in town with the freshest fish including tuna, salmon, white tuna, tilapia, eel, surf clam, mackerel, crab, shrimp and many more.

if someone does not eat sushi, with over 300 items on the buffet, there is definitely something for you. You can choose from authentic Asian food such as General Tso Chicken, dumplings, fried rice, and noddles, or American food such as pizza, bake salmon, smoked rib, and chicken wings. They also offer seafood featuring craw fish, mussels, clams with black bean sauce, and all types of shrimp including salt and pepper shrimp, shrimp tempura and more.

Hibachi is a very popular Japanese method of cooking. Hibachi styles is the term commonly used for Japanese cooking which involves cooking meat, seafood, vegetables and other ingredients on a large grill. Customers can select their own fresh meats and/or vegetables, plus choice of sauce, and then have it cooked by a professional chef right in front of them. It’s the epitome of cooked-to-order.

To ensure the quality of the food, Tokyo 23 Buffet have a bar watcher whose job is to constantly change out the dishes to make sure everything is always fresh and looks appetizing. They also utilize strict time controls to guarantee food safety. Tokyo 23 Hibachi Buffet food is a healthy alternative, they use only fresh ingredients. Their delicious sauces, toppings and salads are homemade every day. They also have large private room for special events, available for everything from birthdays to graduation parties to a business lunch and wedding.

Tokyo 23 Hibachi Buffet is absolutely a family-friendly restaurant, they serve many kid-friendly items as will. Located at 17 Signal Hills Center, West Saint Paul, MN 55118. It is open from 11am to 9:30pm Sunday through Thursday, and form 11am to 10:30pm Friday and Saturday. For more information or to book the private party room, call 651-455-8880 or e-mail: