Our Buffet and Take Out Rate

The best Chinese and Japanese Style Buffet

Out Buffet and Take out Rate

Lunch is provided during Mon-Friday, Saturday and Sunday Dinner Only

Pricing Lunch Dinner
Adults $8.99 (Mon – Fri) $13.99 (everyday)
Child age 7 – 10 $5.99 (Mon – Fri) $8.99  (everyday)
Child age 3 – 6 $3.99 (Mon – Fri) $6.99  (everyday)
Pricing for specific seafood items
Crab Actual daily price
Oyster Actual daily price Actual daily price
Lobster (1.25 lb) Actual daily price (steamed) Actual daily price (fried)
Buffet Take out $5.99/lb (without sea food)  $7.99/lb (with sea food)